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  1. Interarms PPK 20# Spring Reliability

    PP and TP Series
    My '92/93 Interarms .380 PPK is about to hit 5000 rounds (in my hands), and I've had a few issues most likely related to a weakened recoil spring (mostly failure to return to battery). So, I need a replacement, and wondered how much success others have had with the 20# Wolff spring. My...
  2. P99C Slide Not Moving All the Way to Rear

    It's not a persistent problem, but every once in a while I will have some kind of malfunction loading or unloading my P99C where I can't move the slide far back enough to engage the slide stop. I think it may be an issue with the spring not collapsing all the way. The four or so times it's...
  3. Which color springco spring?

    Looking to buy a Springco recoil reduction system. I have a Q5 match. I am trying to figure out if the red spring or new white spring will be better for reducing recoil on STANDARD 9MM 115 GRAIN FACTORY LOADS. No reloads will be shot through this gun, just simply looking to reduce some recoil...
  4. PPQ M2 Navy (non) Suppressor Springs

    Recently, I saw the ad for a threaded barrel kit for PPQ M2's offered by Walther. It comes with a spring. Apparently, Walther now realizes that different springs are needed depending upon whether the firearm is used with a suppressor. I wrote to Walther telling them that I received no extra...
  5. Part # 268 62 28

    I did a search for keywords: retainer, spring, 12.15, part # 268-62-28, etc), no luck for existing threads. The reason for new thread. I had my PPS stripped down for cleaning. I had frame detached from the polymer shell. I accidently broke the retainer spring. Shown in the online exploded view...
  6. Takedown lever/spring issue

    So I did something stupid and detail stripped my PPS prepping it for Cerakote, which I decided against. When putting it back together I ran into major issues trying to get the takedown spring installed correctly. I bent the spring that was in it, called Walther and had them ship me two more. So...