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spring replacement

  1. Looking for replacement Barrel Lock Spring

    Does anyone know the best place to get this little spring that sprung out of my PPQ and is now lost for all time? And is the firearm safe to fire without it?
  2. Where to Buy Replacement Magazine Springs

    I have been trying to find replacement mag springs online and I cannot find a definitive source? Many of the normal online resources don't have anything that references ppq's even if some of their springs might work. I also don't see anything about replacement springs through walther or...
  3. Walther G22 parts needed 269 58 04

    Walther Rifles
    I have managed to loose the very small Magazine catch spring from the G22. Since Walther does not stock these anymore, has anyone found an alternate source? P/n is 269 58 04. Appreciate any suggestions. Chris
  4. Need a new Recoil Spring. Help.

    Hey. I'm new to this forum, but I've been shooting walthers for about 12 years. Love em. I recently got a threaded barrel from Jarvis and added a compensator, but now the spring is too heavy and stovepipes on me. I did a quick search of the web and couldn't find anyone making lighter springs for...
  5. PPK/S recoil spring replacement

    PP and TP Series
    Anyone have experience with different lb springs for the .380? I see Wolff offers a 20 lb (factory replacement) and a 17 lb. Is it true that 20lb is the factory standard? Any opinions on a 17 lb?