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  1. PPK/S Funny Noise

    PP and TP Series
    I have a post-recall Smith and Wesson PPK/S. I've noticed when dry firing in double action (with a snap cap) that there's a strange springy twang after the hammer falls. I tried this with an empty chamber, and it did the same thing. In single action, there is very little twang. Has anyone else...
  2. Smith and Wesson PPK/S Failure to Chamber and Field Strip

    PP and TP Series
    Hey guys, new member here. Not my first Walther, but I just got a beautiful blued PPK/S made post-recall. I love it, and I shoot it extremely well, but I had several failures to chamber. It seemed to happen with only one magazine, and generally on the second round chambered (after the first...
  3. New S&W PPK/S

    PP and TP Series
    I just bought my first Walther today. Father's day present to myself. PPK/S Blued in .380. S&W Test fire date of 6-22-12 With .380 being extremely difficult to find where I am, I could only get my hands on 50 rounds of Remington UMC 90GR FMJ and 50 rounds Speer Lawman 95GR FMJ @ $25...
  4. Rough start to the Umarex takeover

    I bought one of the WAP10008 PPS 9mm, night sight/3 mags kits recently available on Grabagun. When it shipped to my FFL, it came with only 2 mags. They said just to call the dealer and they'd likely ship me a replacement (but I knew they were in super short supply so I should have known better.)...