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slide release

  1. WTB P99 "Defense Kit" 9mm

    Want To Buy
    Hello! I am interested in buying one of the 9mm P99 AS models with an extended and ambidextrous slide release. If I believe they were Gen. 2-ish and I've seen them referred to as the "Defense Kit" in some forums. PM me if you know where I can find one of these and/or have one and would be...
  2. Auto Forward of Slide - Unintentional

    PPQ newbie – 405 rounds through my new (Feb 2016) PPQ M2, 9mm, 4bbl. Bought two 17-round mags and have had an interesting observation when inserting the mags with the slide locked back. The slide stays locked back when I insert a 15-round mag, and then I use the slide release lever (which I...
  3. Action issues

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I purchased a PK380 largely because of its ease of operation for my wife who had difficulty manipulating the slide on anything larger than a Browning Buckmark. I have been experiencing accuracy problems recently which I think are ammo related. I do have two questions...
  4. PPQ Release Failure Lefty

    This is not so much a failure as an observation of shooting style change. I just went to range because I need to qualify my new PPQ 40 next week for off duty. I shoot a HK USP 40 for work and love this gun but its size and weight can be a pain to carry all the time. I had a PPQ put in my hand...