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  1. PP and TP Series
    I just bought a new Fort Smith PPK three weeks ago. I have fired roughly 300 rounds thru it so far. Today at the range the slide locked back so I dropped the magazine to realize that there was still one round in the magazine. This happened twice. On one occurrence the magazine was locked...
  2. PPS
    I’ve had my M2 for a couple of weeks, I absolutely love it. I’ve put about 600 rounds through it already and here recently the slide hasn’t been locking back on the last round. I’m new to the pistol world and could use a little advice.
  3. PK380
    I've recently been having issues with fail to feed and fail to fire. Additionally I have found when I seat a fully loaded mag, the slide goes forward automatically. I’m not ramming the mag in there I’m simply trying to insert a magazine and the slide goes forward without manually pulling back...
  4. P99
    I'm the proud owner of a P99 AS 9mm. I recently bought a handful of boxes of Winchester 124 grain NATO rounds for the first time after reading here that they were safe for use with the P99. Went out and fired off a box today and I was consistently having an issue with the slide lock not engaging...
  5. PPQ
    I have noticed the when i attempt to rack the slide, it automatically locks back. I was wondering if that was normal. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, I just got back in to country. I've been working with a beretta the past 9 months. Its the SD version btw.
  6. PPS
    Hi everyone, Just got my PPS in .40 in January, and fired it for the first time (finally!) yesterday. Put about 100 rounds through it, and only one issue: one bullet failed to fire (but I blame the bullet, not the weapon). I was shooting Remington 180gr FMJ. I'd heard from some that the .40...
1-6 of 6 Results