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slide lock lever

  1. PPQ Slide Stop Lever

    I have a PPQ M2 9mm. I am interested in whether anyone else out there has had this experience. This PPQ is 3 weeks old. The slide stop lever has snapped off, or rather half of it snapped off. Thankfully it's on the port ejection side and I am a right-hander. I don't know when this happened; I...
  2. Slide stop problems.

    I just got the pps in 40cal. i have put 300-350 rds in thru it and at about 300 the slide would always lock back on me. i cleaned it and have also gone down in the gran from 185 to 155. the 155 didnt do it as much as the 185 did but still sucks if i had to really defend myself. anyone know what...
  3. Gap between slide release and slide. Possibly due to melting or overheating.

    First post here. I got my PPQ 9 four days ago. I have taken it out to shoot twice now. I love the ergonomics and the functionality of virtually everything on this gun. The only thing I am having trouble getting used to is the slightly higher muzzle flip. I personally attribute this to its...