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  1. The Classics
    While searching for a ZF4 scope on an Auction House's site, I saw a listing for a Walther P38 barrel with a suppressor on it. The only information I can find is from the auction house's description (translated from German): "Caliber 9 mm Luger, No. 585a, No. without, S / N on the bolt. Matt...
  2. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    *SOLD* I have a Jarvis threaded barrel for a Walther PPQ 9mm. Sold the PPQ awhile back, but the guy wasn't sure if he also wanted the barrel or not, so I held it. Turns out he doesn't have any plans on getting a suppressor, so now I'm just selling the barrel. This is to be used with anything...
  3. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    SOLD: Walther PPQ Factory Threaded Barrel 9mm, New Cond. Walther PPQ barrel factory threaded for silencer, with all proof stamps, etc. not an aftermarket. 9mm, 1/2-28, unused - never shot - single-digit serial number. $SOLD
  4. PPQ
    I am highly considering purchasing a PPQ FE from a friend of mine. He never actually fired it while suppressed, but that is one of the deciding factors for me. I would love some feedback from anyone on who has some experience firing one while suppressed, as I know a lot of pistols don't handle...
1-4 of 4 Results