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  1. PPQ Sights

    I recently bought a PPQ SC M2 and when I took it out to the range I noticed it is shooting low. To make sure it was not just me, I had several other people shoot the gun too and they mentioned they had to aim high to shoot what they're aiming for. Is there any way to adjust the sight to fix...
  2. P1 shoots low

    New Member Welcome Center
    Hello all, I'm a new guy with a P1 gun that shoots about 5" low at 7 yds. I understand that there are rear sights replacement for the gun but I did not find who sells them or where to buy them. Do any of you have a suggestion? Thank you and much appreciated.
  3. New PPK/S .22 - Just what you said it would be

    PPK/S .22LR, New Production by Umarex, 2013+
    Just purchased a PPK/S .22. Thought it would make a great little brother for my Gen 1 PPS. Got it to the range and had a good experience. I had the same results as many of you. The DA pull is ridiculously horrendous. I plan to treat it as a SA only gun. I had to take a rest break and then add...
  4. PPQ SC Sights

    Hey all, I am looking for metal sights for a PPQ SC. I attend training courses at Front Sight and we prentice clearing malfunctions one handed. That means racking the slide on your holster using the rear sights... not good for the stock plastic sights that come with it! I was wondering if...
  5. PPQ .22LR adjustable rear sight with fully screw/click adjustable (windage+elevation)

    Hello I'm a UK target shooter looking for a fully screw/click adjustable (windage and elevation) rear sight for a PPQ in .22LR . I'm really struggling for options, particularly as there is such a small market in the UK and so the product I'm looking for will probably be found in north...
  6. Night Sights... Again

    Walther General Discussions
    I know this is probably the most-addressed issue on the forum, but I haven't found what I need using searches. I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that the height of the Meprolight PPQ/P99 rear sight is in fact 0.335". We've been messing with my wife's PPQ, since the Mep set number 18801 didn't...
  7. WTS: XS Bigdot Sights for Walther PPS/CCP

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    WTS: XS Bigdot Sights for Walther PPS/CCP $50 Asking $50 for a set of used, good condition, still-bright XS 'Big Dot' sights, which will fit a PPS (M1 or M2) or a CCP. Nice defensive sights I pulled off a PPS that was reverted to stock sights and sold. Come in original box w/ tooling and...
  8. Meprolight vs. Truglo

    I am seriously thinking about switching out the sights on my PPS. I have had recommendations for both Meprolight and Truglo. However, I have not replaced any sights on my pistols, so I have no experience with one brand over another to aid me in making this decision. Has anyone had experience...
  9. Meprolight PPS (18802)

    I purchased a set of Meprolight sights for my PPQ. I do not care too much for the PPQ set (with the adjustment screw on the side) as it seems too boxy in shape compared to the slickness of the slide. Regardless, I've seen on here where they were able to get the Meprolight PPS to work on the...
  10. PPS M2 RMR/Relfex Sights?

    New to the forum! I just purchased a PPS M2 and was wondering if anyone knows of any RMR, Red Dot, or Reflex Sights for this gun? As a side note, as far as I know, sights for the PPS Classic (original) and PPS M2 should be compatible. I just cant seem to find many options as far as sights go...
  11. Truglo TFX Pro TG13WA2PC on PPS m1

    In my search for sights for my PPS m1, I couldnt find any pictures of the Truglo TFX Pros on the gun. I was able to see a bunch of PPSs with big dots and mepros, but went with these anyways. I liked the mix of fiber optic and tritium, as well as the orange ring front and u-notch rear design...
  12. Extra front sights?

    Were there supposed to be extra / additional front sights included with my PPS M2 LE? The front sight that's on there now has a "2" on it and I was wondering if there were others that didn't make it into my case. It's shooting a little low, and I was hoping to adjust. I know that the P22 comes...
  13. LP53

    Walther Air Guns
    I recently got an LP53, with box and cocking knob at a gun show for a reasonable, but not great, price. It's a great air pistol, but not as accurate as I had hoped. It gives a lot better groups on the rest than I can shoot, so I guess you'd say it's more accurate than I am! On the east I get...
  14. PPS TruGlo TFX-Pro - Old eyes need recommend on sights.

    I ordered a new PPS early in the week that arrived today. While I was waiting for my new PPS to arrive I ordered some new XS 24/7 big dot night sights because my eyes are definitely not what they were 10 years ago! I currently have a XS Big Dot on my LCRx and liked them quite a bit, so I figured...
  15. PPS and PPX Sights

    I have seen some sight sets by a few different companies that are used for the PPS and the PPX. I would really like a set of the TruGlo TFXs but they are only marketed for the PPS. Does anyone have both guns and could possibly verify that the sights are the same and fit in either gun? I...
  16. Trijicon HD PPQ rear sight

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Have a used Trijicon HD rear sight for Walther PPQ. Just switched to a different sight set up and no longer need this. $60 shipped
  17. Shooting high

    After shooting about 15 pistols in my local range's rental case, I bought a dark earth PPS, which shoots about 2" high at 15 yds. No, this isn't user error: I shoot multiple Rugers, Glocks, Sigs, S&Ws, Berettas, and other pistols spot-on, and I'm a pretty good shot. What would you recommend...
  18. PPQ M2 .22 Front Sight

    I'm having issues with my PPQ M2 .22 shooting really high out of the box with the factory sights! With the rear sights wound down as low as possible, It is still shooting about 2 inches high @ 10y, 4 inches high @ 25y and 10 inches high @ 50y. this is bench rested and tried over 3 separate...
  19. Sights

    So the sights are not the same as the pps or PPQ. They are the same cut and I guess the front could be interchangeable but they do vary in height. The rear is adjustable by an Allen screw in the CCP and the screw slips into the bottom of the sight much like the retaining clip in the base of the...
  20. FS: Walther PPQ Trijicon Night Sights gr/ye

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have a set of Trijicon Night Sights for sale. Green front and yellow rear. Had for about 6 months but only used for about 100 rounds. Switched to XS sights and these have been sitting in my bag. Still glow great. Shipped for $105 Thanks.