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  1. PDP
    my PDP Compact is my first hand gun, had the gun about 6 month adjusting POA because I am cross-dominant, left eye-right hand, had to take a medical break, now about to go back to the range I want to center the gun, I know it has quick adjust rear sight...but which way do I adjust which...
  2. PPQ
    I have enjoyed shooting the PPQ 22. All but the sights. My 9mm other brand and even my $50 pellet pistol has fluorescent sights. Is there an optional upgrade sight that will fit the PPQ 22?
  3. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    AmeriGlo GL-212-OR-Q Glock Tritium Front Sight CAP Green Tritium Orange Square FRONT .165" H .140" W Installed, shot 5 rounds and didn't like the sight picture. Works with the instructed PPQ sight setup described many times here. $60 shipped.
  4. CCP
    So I'm need to change the front sight on my new CCP. It likes to shoot low, so I was needing to swap to the shorter front sight to adjust for the issue. The problem I'm having is removing the piston. The manual just says to refer to the image, but it doesn't give any detail. I don't know how...
  5. PPQ
    Hey there, I am going to install a Dawson Rear Charger FO on my PPQ M2 5". I will picking up the PPQ and the sights tomorrow so I don't have either in front of me and just wanted to know what happens to the plunger on the rear of the slide that holds the factory rear sight. I know the DP sight...
  6. PPQ
    I have a Walther PPQ M2 Navy SD and am waiting for ATF to approve my AAC Ti-RANT suppressor. I could not find any sights that are high enough to see over the can, so I am having Dawson Precision make me custom height sights. They are charging me $10 over regular price per sight and about 4...
  7. P99
    Folks, I have a Walther/S&W P99 .40cal I purchased years ago. I had it stored in a high location and to my HORROR, it fell hit the hardwood floor and the rear sight and plunger broke Ugh!!! To all my Marine Corps Brothers/Sisters out there, I did numerous Push-ups and am still punishing...
  8. Want To Buy
    Im looking for 10 round mags for my walther sp22 M2. I'm also looking for the tru glo sights and any information on trigger work that can be done.
  9. P22
    I came on here about a month ago while looking for a better mount than the bridge mount for the p22. no one makes anything. so I designed one for the 5" model to mount to the barrel shroud just ahead of the slide where the compensator weight or whatever its called is usually mounted. I...
1-9 of 9 Results