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  1. WTS: P88 9mm x19 NR 002408

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Excellent Condition. P88 9mm x 19 serial number 002408 with original box and original papers. Also has fire target paper, two mags (empty). Very little noticeable wear, fired very little excellent condition. It was fired very little. Selling because I am changing out my gun collection, look for...
  2. PP/PPK serials table - Jan Balcar's books

    FAQ: PP/TP
    As I have already mentioned here in another post, I was impressed by the books by Jan Balcar. I have just bought two of his new ones called "Samonabijeci pistole nemeckych ozbrojenych sil" in Czech. Not only I have found a nice serials table for PP/PPK there (not based on the others rotating on...
  3. PPK/S date of birth please

    PP and TP Series
    Hi All, might anyone have a born on date for an early to mid '70s W. German mfg.: Serial number 136614S and Serial number 181724 I have Dieter's book but am looking for a ball park year of. Thanks ever so much, nostalgia is kicking in and I am attempting to replace my off duty...