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  1. PP and TP Series
    Newbie to the boards here. I recently inherited a Walther PP 7.65mm. Through a little research, I determined that it was manufactured in late 1944 for the German Police at the Zella-Mehlis factory. Interestingly, in trying to determine a value, I may have located another PP near to me that...
  2. PP and TP Series
    I own a Walther .380 stainless PPK/S serial number 3414AAA pictured in these attached photo’s. From the production history and markings the pistol appears produced under the first year of S&W licensing but before S&W put its own serial numbers on the Walther licensed PPK’s made in Houlton...
  3. The Classics
    I inherited this firearm and am looking for any help as to what exactly it is. I don't think it's anything special but more knowledge never hurt anyone. Right by the safety there is a "170" engraved Under the name of the actual firearm is "6/82" The serial number is 005170 To the right...
1-3 of 3 Results