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  1. Model 4, No Serial Number

    The Classics
    I was recently gifted a Model 4 (early second variant, from what I can tell) while on vacation that has no serial number and no indications of there ever being one (i.e. filed off). When I picked it up from the shop that I transferred it to back home, the guy there told me he had stripped the...
  2. Serial number check in

    Just got a new PPQ m2 9mm. I know on the PPS you want to make sure it was manufactured after a certain year (2011 I think) to avoid some issues. Does anyone know anything like that w the PPQ? Serial is DE CIP BE N SO, made in 2014. Not sure about the cip/n - I guess it's some...
  3. Identify serial number on ModHP

    The Classics
    I inherited a Walther ModHP from my father. The executor of the will needs the serial number so we can transfer ownership to me. Unfortunately, I see 3 possible serial numbers on it: One on the left side of the upper receiver, one on the left side of the lower receiver, and one on the right...
  4. PPK year of production and history?

    PP and TP Series
    Hi, I am new to this forum and live in Sweden. Yesterday I bought a PPK with serial number 395344 K. It has an eagle with an N at the frame and slide and muzzle side. I have really tried to find info on this serial number but can't find it in any sequel. If anyone here could take the time to...
  5. Features Check - Walther PP's Around 776XXX-778XXX

    PP and TP Series
    Greetings fellow Walther enthusiasts! I recently purchased the three volume series on the Walther PP/PPK/et. al., by author James Rankin, in order to see if I could match my features or serial number range to the book. A close enough SN is not there. There are 76X's but no 777. Here are some...
  6. Walther PP identification help! wierd gun!

    PP and TP Series
    OK, I am new to this site. I am hoping I can get a little help from all you Walther guru's. I was just given a pistol from my grandfather. I want to find out some info on it so I am going to do the best I can to describe it. It is a PP 7.65 ( .32 ACP ). There are 2 different types of markings on...
  7. Walther PPK/S Serial number

    PP and TP Series
    I am curious about my Walther and wanted to know when it was manufactured. The Serial Number is 136081S Thanks, Jim
  8. Walther PPK made in Zella-Mehlis

    PP and TP Series
    I have a Walther PPK 7,65mm with the serial number 10019xx. I'd like to know what it's approximate value and what year it was manufactured. The left hand side of the slide has the following information: Waffenfabrik Walther, Zella Mehlis (Thru.) Walther's Patent Cal 7,65 m/m...
  9. No PPK Serial Number?!?!

    PP and TP Series
    Im looking at purchasing a W German PPk .380 but there are no serial numbers on the slide that I can see. Any info on this? http://i746.photobucket.com/albums/x...K/IMG_2432.jpg http://i746.photobucket.com/albums/x...K/IMG_2419.jpg
  10. Walther Model 1 - Serial # ???

    The Classics
    I just received a Walther Model 1 as part of an inheritance, this is a working model 1, 1st variation. It has a crown over the U on the right side of the slide. Can anyone tell me where the serial number would be on the gun or why there isn't one. Thank you for any help. Full - Left Side...