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  1. Verification on PP 9mm kurz date code

    PP and TP Series
    Hi, Newbie here (like joined-today newbie): I recently was given a PP 9mm kurz. The S/N is 727** (and 727**A) by the trigger. It has the Eagle emblem stamped with an "N" underneath. Just above the trigger and below the ejection port is the date code (I believe) of IC (JC?) with an antler...
  2. Help dating PPK please

    PP and TP Series
    I am looking to buy a PPK but want to know the date first. On the left side of the slide it has the "Walther" banner towards the muzzle. Behind that it says: Waffenfaurik walther, Zella-Mahlis(thur) Walther's patent cal 7,65 m/m. On the right side UNDER the ejection port is a sideways "N" and...