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  1. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    This OWB holster is practically brand new. I've only worn it a few times around the house. Nothing is wrong with it just don't use it. I always use my IWB holster. Here's the product info, Need For Speed | High Noon Holsters. Asking $100 with free shipping.
  2. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have a set of Trijicon Night Sights for sale. Green front and yellow rear. Had for about 6 months but only used for about 100 rounds. Switched to XS sights and these have been sitting in my bag. Still glow great. Shipped for $105 Thanks.
  3. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I am the 2nd owner of a recent model PPK/S. I have the original paperwork and BOS, case, manual, etc. The first owner was a cop and used it as a back up. It comes with a black leather Galco holster that is outside the waste band. The weapon is 2-tone with SS upper. There is some slight...
  4. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Hey all, wow according to my CP its been over 5 years since I last logged on to Walther Forums. Guess I've been afk too long. Anyway, figured all you Walther experts would be the ones to ask this. I have a Walther P5 I'd like to sell. And I live in California so since that model is not on the...
  5. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Hi there thank you for checking out my listing i have a Walther p22 5" barrel kit for sell at 65.00 including shipping and or trade for the full 3.4 barrel kit i would prefer a trade. Reason being then i wouldn't have to still need to by a 3.4" barrel. But either way the kit includes the 5"...
  6. Want To Buy
    Hello I'm new to the forum and handguns in general. I am looking to buy a PPQ 9mm for my first gun purchase. I decided on the Walther PPQ after reading a bunch of reviews. They seem to be going for somewhere around $519-$549 online. I was wondering if anyone on here could direct me to the...
1-6 of 7 Results