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  1. PPS
    PPS NEWBIE GUIDE/REVIEW This is not intended for seasoned PPS aficionados, but for people like myself who are overwhelmed with all the single stack choices on the market today. I’m not an expert, just an amateur armchair commando that feels like this gun needs some exposure after researching...
  2. PPQ
    My new PPQ 9mm just came in last night and I was so excited I did a review on it.....I'm finding Walther's tend to do that to a person!:D Anyways, its probably nothing you all haven't heard before but I do talk about the finish and the slide to frame fit a bit, as I know that has been a common...
  3. PPS
    Those of us who have found ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having drawn a gun to either actually shoot at someone or aim at someone during the evening hours absent stadium lighting will know the feeling: "Man, I wish I could see what the heck I'm aiming at." (Yes, folks, I swear...
1-3 of 4 Results