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  1. PK380 Return For Repair.

    I picked up a new Walther PK380 last Saturday and I'm taking it to Fedex today to return it for repair. When I inspected it at the store I noticed scuff marks on the outside of the barrel and the trigger seemed heavy for a 4 pound SA pull. I asked them to give me another gun and they said they...
  2. 7 Weeks, and still waiting...

    Hello all! I am a new member, and purchased my CCP in November 2015. I am asking for suggestions on how to proceed (with some sporadic venting). In January 2016, my slide got jammed, with no possibility of it releasing without sending it back to Walther for repair. As the title of this thread...
  3. P22 parts?

    Hi. I'm new to the forum & am hoping that someone here may be able to help me locate a replacement slide for my p22? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -
  4. New P99 Going Back

    My new P99 .40 ejects 12-round magazines while shooting. At least once per magazine. I read all the forum threads suggesting it could be ammo or shooter related. I tried American Eagle 165gr and Blazer 180gr. Even different grips did not change the result. I called Walther and they suggested...
  5. Sending my old "AK" PPS to S&W to have issues found in forums addressed. Advice?.

    Sending my old "AK" PPS to S&W to have issues found in forums addressed. Advice?. Hi, I have an old PPS with date code AK that I bought new. I really like it but I have often had the slide not completely return to battery (by about 1/8th inch) and have to push the slide forward into place...