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  1. PPS
    This has been discussed in previous threads, but they're all quite old so rather than revive them, I figured I should start anew. Plus it's been a while since I posted on the forums and I haven't owned a Walther in years. But now I find myself in need of advice. I actually have the same...
  2. PPS
    I finally got my PPS, my first Walther. It just feels perfect in the hand and I keep coming to the same conclusion; this is the ultimate concealed carry pistol. Anyway, I saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osP2SvXrfAs where this guy really mucks up his PPS and the thing just keeps...
  3. PK380
    New poster here with a quick question about the PK380. I have been considering this pistol for quite some time (since it's release actually) and have an opportunity to purchase one NIB from my local gun shop for 329.99. I am strongly considering purchasing it but wanted to know if there have...
  4. PPQ
    For those who like to track reliability, let's share our milestones and some info about failures if any. Model: PPQ M2 Barrel length: 4" Caliber: 9mm Age: 28 days Round count: 1,000 FTF (feed): 0 FTE (extract): 0 Other failures...
  5. PPQ
    I am highly considering purchasing a PPQ FE from a friend of mine. He never actually fired it while suppressed, but that is one of the deciding factors for me. I would love some feedback from anyone on who has some experience firing one while suppressed, as I know a lot of pistols don't handle...
  6. PPQ
    For years I've kept my pistol magazines filled to capacity -1 in an effort to prevent the spring from wearing out due to stress. Here's the question: Do you guys think it's doing any good? I've always assumed I was increasing reliability as well as extending the life of the magazines.
1-6 of 6 Results