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  1. PPS, the ultimate ccp, and apparently, reliable as hell

    I finally got my PPS, my first Walther. It just feels perfect in the hand and I keep coming to the same conclusion; this is the ultimate concealed carry pistol. Anyway, I saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osP2SvXrfAs where this guy really mucks up his PPS and the thing just keeps...
  2. Any Recent Design Improvements to the PK380?

    New poster here with a quick question about the PK380. I have been considering this pistol for quite some time (since it's release actually) and have an opportunity to purchase one NIB from my local gun shop for 329.99. I am strongly considering purchasing it but wanted to know if there have...
  3. Official PPQ Endurance & Reliability Thread

    For those who like to track reliability, let's share our milestones and some info about failures if any. Model: PPQ M2 Barrel length: 4" Caliber: 9mm Age: 28 days Round count: 1,000 FTF (feed): 0 FTE (extract): 0 Other failures...
  4. PPQ FE Reliability Suppressed?

    I am highly considering purchasing a PPQ FE from a friend of mine. He never actually fired it while suppressed, but that is one of the deciding factors for me. I would love some feedback from anyone on who has some experience firing one while suppressed, as I know a lot of pistols don't handle...
  5. Magazine capacity (-1)

    For years I've kept my pistol magazines filled to capacity -1 in an effort to prevent the spring from wearing out due to stress. Here's the question: Do you guys think it's doing any good? I've always assumed I was increasing reliability as well as extending the life of the magazines.