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recoil spring

  1. Interarms PPK 20# Spring Reliability

    PP and TP Series
    My '92/93 Interarms .380 PPK is about to hit 5000 rounds (in my hands), and I've had a few issues most likely related to a weakened recoil spring (mostly failure to return to battery). So, I need a replacement, and wondered how much success others have had with the 20# Wolff spring. My...
  2. Can you disassemble the recoil spring (RSA) on a PPQ?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to remove the spring and retain the plastic rod and blue cap for reassembly on a PPQ M2? I'm asking because I just got a new BT guide rod (which I'm assuming somehow comes apart although there's nothing to indicate it does...) I'd like to put the old spring on...
  3. Need help with a P22

    I just purchased a used P22 (gun only, nothing else included). I did a routine field strip in order to clean and lubricate it before I took it to the range to test it out. Using a downloaded PDF file, i read and followed the diasassembly instructions, cleaned and oiled, THEN read the assembly...
  4. P99 Clone? New Baby Desert Eagle FA Sights

    Hi. Last week I bought a MRI Baby Desert Eagle FA 9mm for CC, IDPA, and USPSA. It's virtually the same as the P99. It's so new (mine's #0000383) that it's not even on the website. Right now, mags are the only accessory available. I know that P99 sights fit. I'm having a heck of a time finding...