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  1. Initial sight settings from factory

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    Howdy, Just purchased new Walther PPS M2 LE. The rear sight appears to be slightly off center. The gun also shoots slights off center for me. I haven't had anyone else try it yet. Is it possible the gun wasn't exactly centered when assembled from the factory? My book says something about an...
  2. P22 Rear Sight Way Off

    This can't be correct, reference the pix below I have a new P22 (100 rounds through it) and had to keep adjusting the rear sight to get on the target and fine tuning. The rear sight is way to the right! I've emailed Walther but have not received a reply. I checked assembly, made sure barrel...
  3. Walther P99 Rear Sight - Desperate!

    Folks, I have a Walther/S&W P99 .40cal I purchased years ago. I had it stored in a high location and to my HORROR, it fell hit the hardwood floor and the rear sight and plunger broke Ugh!!! To all my Marine Corps Brothers/Sisters out there, I did numerous Push-ups and am still punishing...
  4. Factory Sights not adjustable! HELP

    Hey guys, I'm new to owning a PPQ and this forum, so I apologize if this has been asked before...I took my gun to the range twice and the groups are beautiful, however they all go RIGHT, height isn't a problem, just windage. The gun shoots about 5" to the right at 15 yards, which kinda sucks...