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  1. Accuracy expectation?

    PP and TP Series
    Took the Walther PP to the outdoor range today, warm, windless. Son shot it for first time, my second time. About 200 rounds through it in last 2 months. Sat idle for +40 yrs. I was pleased with accuracy when I first shot it. As we were running 25 each through it I wanted to try and see if...
  2. New PK380 - Performed Perfectly

    Test out new PK380 (manufactured late July 2012) today at the range. It performed perfectly. No FTE, no jams, no sticks, no problem with magazine eject, no problem loading any rounds. I used Winchester white box 95 grain target ammunition. Pretty accurate and easy to handle. It is on recall...
  3. Looking for a lowered OWB holster, not concealing

    Hi everyone, first post ever! I ordered a PPQ in 9mm from grabagun.com and it should be arriving any day to my FFL now. (Sidenote - not a coincidence I ordered it before election day). Anyway, I've spent days looking for a holster and I've read both the super long PPQ Hosters? sticky and the...