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  1. WTB: P99 Gen. 1 Rail Adapter

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I'm interested in buying a rail adapter for the Gen. 1 P99, preferably one of the originals with Walther branding. Willing to pay <$46. Thanks! Mike
  2. WTB: P99 Gen. 1 Rail Adapter

    Want To Buy
    Looking to buy a P99 Gen. 1 Rail Adapter. Alternatively, if anyone knows where to buy one, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Gen 1 Rail?

    Anyone know where I can get a Gen 1 rail to picatinny rail adapter? If not, does anyone have 3D modeling expertise and could maybe model one for me so I can print it out? Thanks in advance!
  4. heres what i've been making for my p22

    I came on here about a month ago while looking for a better mount than the bridge mount for the p22. no one makes anything. so I designed one for the 5" model to mount to the barrel shroud just ahead of the slide where the compensator weight or whatever its called is usually mounted. I...