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  1. Favorite ammo for Q5 SF?

    FAQ: PPQ
    Hi all, My first post: I've shot the PPQ M2 for a while and used Syntech 150 in competition. Now I've gotten a Q5 SF and I thought with the heavier frame I should check to see if that ammo is still the best match. I'll be going to the range with some Syntech 150, Speer 147 and Blazer Brass...
  2. Difficult mag release Q5 SF

    There is a thread about inadvertent release of M2 poly's. I just got the Q5 Match SF for competition and I can't hit the mag release without totally breaking down my grip. It tends to "stick" 1/2 way relative to my M2 (and I exercised the new Q5 till my thumb was sore to see if would break...
  3. Q5 SF Magazine Guide Mod

    I have had issues with my Q5 SF that may be related to the loose fit between the magazines and Delrin mag guides. This allows an excess bit of play at the top of the mag. Due to the force of the mag release spring, the top of the mag is pushed to the left and is out of alignment with the feed...