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proof marks

  1. Mid-war Walther PP without proof marks?

    PP and TP Series
    I think I posted something about this a year or so ago, but I had no way to post pics then and I don't think I ever got much response. I have a pretty nice PP that I figure to be from 1942 or 43, but I see no evidence of any sort of proof marks on it. From what I read if it was a military or...
  2. Tang Well Marks on Early "Weimar" Walther PP's

    FAQ: PP/TP
    Please see attached article published in Automag vol 47(12):273-276 by this author. Permission to post here was granted by the Editor of Automag and the Walther Forum moderator. I encourage anyone interested in these guns to contribute information on these tang well marks to the author and...
  3. Walther P38 ac45, Identification with Unknown Proof Marks Please?

    The Classics
    Hi, This is my first posting to the forum :) I would like an identification of the modern proof marks that have been added to this pistol please. It is a Walther P38 ac45 a, (UK Deactivated) with Nazi 359 Waffenampt Stamps however, there have been additional "Modern" german proof marks added...