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  1. PPS
    Is anyone else experiencing problems with Walthers Recall. I have been trying to access the FEDEX label with success since the notice came out.
  2. PPQ
    I recently picked up my brand new PPQ M1 in 9mm, took her home field striped and cleaned the factory gunk out of her and also fully disassembled the slide to clean out the firing pin channel. The trigger had some grit in it in the take up but that has worked its way out a little now but i have...
  3. CCP
    Bought this gun just before Christmas. Took it straight out of box to range. Gun FTF (slide stuck back and have to manually rack the slide back forward) on the second round and then every other round for first mag. Shooting 147 grain. Switched ammo to 115 gr and FTF about once per mag for next...
  4. P99
    I recently purchases a p99 QA in .40 and Ive put about 50 rounds through it. Ive notice that when i load 12 in the mag and then try to cycle the action manually by racking the slide it is very difficult and puts a large gash in the brass of the cartridge that is visible if i lock the slide back...
1-4 of 4 Results