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  1. CCP
    I've got a new CCP. It's had about 400 rounds through it. After about 300 rounds, I noticed that when a loaded magazine is put in, and a round loaded in the chamber, the next round is pushed forward. Both magazines are guilty of this. Is this normal for a new gun? Do I just need to keep...
  2. PPS
    Just purchased my first Walther, and of coarse after the purchase I joined this awesome forum. On to business.. PO says they have 100 rounds through it, Im sure theres more though. In the video I show how the trigger wont reset because it will not break. There started to be a problem after I...
  3. The Classics
    My 1973 Polizei P-38 recently developed a problem where the slide sticks in the aft (rearward) position (with no magazine in). I am forced to push the slide forward with a slight nudge from my palm. It is clean and well lubricated. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might fix this problem?
  4. P99
    Hi everybody, I am new to this forum and a new P99 (.40) owner. I was really excited to get my first p99 last week (traded a rifle). I really like the look, feel, and safety features of the P99. However my first time out shooting was not a good experience. I shot very...
  5. The Classics
    Hey, guys. First time poster, so hoping to pick up a bit of advice from those in the know. I have a 1977 production Walther P1 that's beginning to show an occasional issue. After about four or five rounds, the manual safety will begin to "walk" downwards under recoil. At that point, there's...
  6. P99
    Hello everybody, i'm new to this forum and i have been looking on the internet over and over again: My Walther P99 pulls the trigger without shooting, it goes like a lever without any resistance. I tried to disassemble it but i even can't get the top strip off of it. It is already loaded, but i...
  7. PPQ
    I've recently purchased the Walther PPQ 9mm. I removed the slide, per instructions, as basically how all other polymer weapons are, did quick cleaning and reassembled. When I went to dry fire test, nothing happened. The firing pin mechanism was cocked and ready, yet when I pulled the trigger...
1-7 of 7 Results