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  1. PP and TP Series
    First off, this is not my gun, it belongs to the LGS my wife works at, and while it will eventually go on Gun Broker, this is not a value question. I am going to go photograph this gun sometime this weekend. I have read up on the history a little bit, but I can't hardly find any pictures of...
  2. PP and TP Series
    I bought a pre-war PPK from the wife of a friend who collected guns and recently passed away. Crown N marks on slide and barrel. Dumb, but simple question: how many rounds are supposed to fit in the magazine? I put in 7 rounds (murder on my thumb) and don't think I can fit another one in, but...
  3. FAQ: Walther General Discussion
    Hey everyone. New to the Walther forums. I've been surround by firearms for almost my entire existence, but sadly don't know enough about the PPK I have recently inherited. I know it is a PP/K, Crown/N and from what I have been able to figure out is a pre-War pistol with a serial number...
  4. PP and TP Series
    I'm putting this one out to the forum for those who collect/research old Walther PPK pistols. I purchased a Walther PPK in .22 caliber pre-war but it has a 7 digit serial number (Million number series). Does anyone know if this is common? How do I get a hold of James Rankin? According to his...
  5. PP and TP Series
    Hi, all, I'm interested to know how much this Walther PP is worth. It comes with a capture certificate with the gun's serial number on it. Thoughts?
1-5 of 5 Results