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  1. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Located in Iowa. Let me know how much you're thinking. Would also consider buying a whole pistol (chambered in 9mm) as long as the package includes a threaded barrel.
  2. PPX
    I roam pawn shops for Walthers and spotted a PPX yesterday. When I inspected the mags and sniffed the Chamber (yeah I'm weird like that) it looks as if it was never fired. No noticeable wear marks or scratches on mags, don't smell gun cleaner and ramp is unblemished. Not in a big rush and so I...
  3. Walther General Discussions
    Hi, I have a Walther PPX that I just recently started daily carrying and I noticed that when I get out of the car sometimes my back has pushed the mag release so I need to pop it back in when I get out of the car. Obviously that's not going to fly with a tool I may defend my life with so I need...
  4. CCP
    Did they quit making this or something? I no longer seem to see the CCP or the PPX in any stores anymore. I wanted to try out a ccp (I know they have some issues.)Anyway I've been out of the game for a while and so I'm just wondering why nobody carries these guns any more. Thanks
  5. PPS
    I have seen some sight sets by a few different companies that are used for the PPS and the PPX. I would really like a set of the TruGlo TFXs but they are only marketed for the PPS. Does anyone have both guns and could possibly verify that the sights are the same and fit in either gun? I...
  6. PPX
    Do they make a scope mount / bracket for a Walters PPX ?
  7. PPX
    Does anyone know where to find a Muzzle Brake or Flash Hider that works with a 9mm PPX with 1/2 x 28 threading? I can't find anything anywhere.
  8. PPX
    I was gifted 300 rounds of Winchester USA Forged Ammunition 9mm Luger 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket Steel Case ammo for Christmas this year. I am wondering if this is generally safe to put through my PPX. I've read that steel cased ammo typically has a higher rate of FTE then brass jacketed...
  9. Gear, Gadgets, Tactics and Training
    Well, as a proud PPX owner I just had to have that knife! Sandstone, because of the change of it (plus it looks nice besides my brown IMI holster). It came in a nice box plus holster.
  10. PPX
    So I took my new PPX 9mm to the range, shooting about 200 rounds of S&B FMJ 124gr from 10, 15 and 20 yards. First few mags from 20 yards were spot on, I really was surprised how extremely well I hit. Afterwards with a quicker firing rate it was a little less effective, here I need to get used to...
  11. PPX
    Does anyone have a link for a holster for a PPX that will accommodate a light on the rail? Searching everywhere and cannot find. Thanks! Rohlf
  12. PPX
    Hi All, Spent a couple of hours learning to shoot my PPX this afternoon... Can anyone tell me what the sight picture is supposed to be? For me it seems that I am more accurate if i align the centers of the dots on the sights versus aligning the tops of the sights. Could be bad technique on...
  13. PPX
    Does anyone else want a PPX compact? I couldn't find any pictures of any concepts; so I made one. I don't have Photoshop; so I just cropped a picture on MS paint that I pulled from Google. Please excuse the very low quality; I just want to see I anyone else would like one. Imagination required.
  14. PPX
    I broke my PPX (resolved*) After a field strip and cleaning, I started reassembly and I put the gun together without the recoil guide rod :eek: , which caused a major jam. The slide is now locked to the rear, with the barrel pushed up into the gun. The locking block on the barrel is locked onto...
  15. PPX
    Brand new Walther PPX 9mm SD jammed today. I fired the first 2 full magazines with no problems. On third magazine there was a double feed and slide was locked shut, but I managed to get it open. On the next mag, second round fired, but a new round was loaded on top of the old one, the slide was...
  16. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Gun sold Never mind the slide swap. I found a buyer for the gun & I'm ordering a new SD one.
  17. PPX
    I took my brand-new PBX to a four-day defensive handgun course, where I put my first 650 rounds through it. I was using 3 magazines, the 2 that came with the PPX and the one that came with the holster and mag holster deal. The only problem I had was with the magazines. The mag butts slide out...
  18. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I recently purchased this brand new Walther PPX .9mm. I have shot it only one time with about 20 rounds put through it. The gun is absolutely flawless and a joy to shoot, unfortunately I am selling it for financial reasons. It comes in the Walther box with all paperwork including a 1 year...
  19. PPX
    Just picked up a Ppx. Shoots great and the ergonomics are perfect. Using it to train and learn the ropes of IPSC. Problem is the PPX is not a competition gun. So I ordered both a PPQ M2 5" in 9mm and .22lr. The rumours are true, you can't get just one.
  20. PPX
    Have a new PPX from Gander Mtn. Love the feel of the gun and put one clip through it with ease. Popped the second clip in and...nothing. Removing the slide shows that the firing pin safety isn't coming all the way out and the firing pin remains past the upper and lower ledges so it never...
1-20 of 22 Results