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  1. PPX
    I roam pawn shops for Walthers and spotted a PPX yesterday. When I inspected the mags and sniffed the Chamber (yeah I'm weird like that) it looks as if it was never fired. No noticeable wear marks or scratches on mags, don't smell gun cleaner and ramp is unblemished. Not in a big rush and so I...
  2. Walther General Discussions
    Hi All, I'm loving my 9mm PPX so much I think I want to get a CCW. Only problem is, which one? There's the CCP, love the looks and tech, PPS, nice, solid, very slim, P99C. So which would you go for? On the reliability front my PPX is almost at 2000 rounds and not a single FTF or FTE and I'm...
1-2 of 2 Results