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  1. PPS
    My 40 something nephew was looking to buy his first firearm, joining the ranks of other pro 2A patriots in this day and age of attempted destruction of the Constitutional amendment. I took him to a local store/range to determine what he wanted. He picked up and held several pistols from Smith...
  2. Walther General Discussions
    Looking into getting a conceal carry gun and I am considering these: Walther PK380 Walther CCP M2 Walther PPS M2 I am new to handguns (not guns, I have had a couple of carbines for years) so all of this is new territory for me. But having just had a handgun for a month I can field strip it...
  3. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Clearing out the holster drawer, got two PPS M1 holsters that need a new home. Both in excellent condition, prices are shipped CONUS via USPS. Buy both, I'll drop $10 off the total. Both are right hand, no cant, black kydex/leather/suede, clips fit belt up to 1.75" with the IWB having a plastic...
  4. PPS
    Recently purchased PPS M2. Love it. Can someone please tell me the meaning of these numbers and symbols. Thank you.
  5. PPS
    So I had a couple and by a couple I mean two to be exact, failure to ejects like the shell got jammed in the slide when I was at the range today. I was using Remington 115 grain full metal jacket range ammo; now I have upgraded my recoil spring from the factory polymer based one to a stainless...
  6. PPS
    My gun's rear sight lost one of the phosphoric night sights during regular usage. Walther is warrantying the replacement and gives the option of either mailing in the slide or installing it myself. They said they "drift on with a nylon punch or a sight pusher tool". Has anyone tried...
  7. Want To Buy
    WTB: 9mm PPS M1 (classic) In Tampa, Florida 34655 zip.
  8. PPS
    Does anyone know if a light option is available for this pistol? I've looked high and low, can't find anything at all. Has anyone tried the Streamlight TLR-6 with the universal fit? Any info, greatly appreciated!
  9. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have for sale two holsters for the wonderful PPS M1 (Classic). Keepers Concealment Errand AIWB - $70 shipped Raven Concealment Vanguard - TPI Special - $45 shipped
  10. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    WTS: XS Bigdot Sights for Walther PPS/CCP $50 Asking $50 for a set of used, good condition, still-bright XS 'Big Dot' sights, which will fit a PPS (M1 or M2) or a CCP. Nice defensive sights I pulled off a PPS that was reverted to stock sights and sold. Come in original box w/ tooling and...
  11. PPS
    I have carried the PPS as my primary CCW for the past 18 months and decided to switch to the Glock 26. Nothing wrong with the PPS it is a great single stack CCW and I will occasionally carry it but not as my primary. The reasons for this move are based on my ability to customize the G26 to...
  12. PPS
    I am seriously thinking about switching out the sights on my PPS. I have had recommendations for both Meprolight and Truglo. However, I have not replaced any sights on my pistols, so I have no experience with one brand over another to aid me in making this decision. Has anyone had experience...
  13. PPQ
    I purchased a set of Meprolight sights for my PPQ. I do not care too much for the PPQ set (with the adjustment screw on the side) as it seems too boxy in shape compared to the slickness of the slide. Regardless, I've seen on here where they were able to get the Meprolight PPS to work on the...
  14. PPS
    In my search for sights for my PPS m1, I couldnt find any pictures of the Truglo TFX Pros on the gun. I was able to see a bunch of PPSs with big dots and mepros, but went with these anyways. I liked the mix of fiber optic and tritium, as well as the orange ring front and u-notch rear design...
  15. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I've got a 9mm PPS Classic for sale. Perfect condition, comes with box and two mags, all factory goodies. $550 shipped to your FFL. Let me know if you want pics, etc.
  16. PPS
    Hi. Does anyone have any experience with the mod 1 with a Silencerco Omega 9K or Griffin Armament Revolution 9K please? I know smaller pistols can struggle to be reliably suppressed sometimes. Still, the mod 1 remains my favourite 9mm polymer and I would like to suppress with a short-ish can...
  17. Non Walther Items
    I have a Brand new, never been fired, Walther PPS Classic in .40 S&W caliber. I'd like to trade for a smaller caliber, preferably 9mm. I live in KY.
  18. PPS
    I own a PPS M2 and I am looking to add a Crimson Trace LG-482G GREEN LASERGUARD® My question is to anyone who already has this configuration, can you use the same holster that you already own? It seems that it may not change the profile, but I needed an answer from someone who knows for sure...
  19. PPS
    I just bought a PPS m2 and threw a set of trijicon HD night sights and I'm having some POI shift. The gun shoots about 1.5" high at 10 yards. Anyone else have this issue? I have a set of meprolights on my PPS Classic and I can drill a 3" target at 50 feet all day long. I'm beginning to wonder if...
1-19 of 90 Results