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  1. PPS M2 Ammo recommendation

    When I bought my PK380 a few years ago, the forums spoke and the Hornady Critical Defense seemed to work best with that pistol. It is an expensive practice round but good for carry or home defense. I just picked up a PPS M2 LE. I am looking for a practice round that works well with this pistol...
  2. WTS: Black Arch Protos-M IWB PPS M2 Holster SOLD

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have an excellent condition Black Arch Protos-M hybrid IWB holster for the Walter PPS M2 for sale. The holster is right handed. The Protos-M is the only hybrid holster where the kydex wraps around the trigger guard to provide that secure “click” on the front of the trigger guard when the...
  3. WTS: Various Holsters (PPS M2), Volund & Recycled Firefighter Belts + NeoMag

    Non Walther Items
    Dara Slick Side AIWB w/Claw Walther PPS m2 (brand new. never worn; doesn't fit my needs) $60 shipped Dara OWB Walther PPS M2 Mag Carrier (used once or twice) $27 shipped NeoMag (9mm/medium; no use for it. Took it out of the container to try it, put it back into the box hence the paper...
  4. Any PPS M2 owner using laser trainers?

    Hello All, I am new here and also new to handgun ownership. I recently purchased a PPS M2 LE. It has 150 rounds downrange with a variety of ammo. I'm really pleased with the workmanship and ergos; I am completely satisfied and feel this is a really great purchase. Those of you who may ask or...
  5. PPS M2 Slide not locking back

    I’ve had my M2 for a couple of weeks, I absolutely love it. I’ve put about 600 rounds through it already and here recently the slide hasn’t been locking back on the last round. I’m new to the pistol world and could use a little advice.
  6. PPS M2 Accessories

    I have the PPS M2, and I wanna add some stuff to it. I got the extra 8rd mag for it, but thats about all I've really seen. I want to get a wallet pocket holster for it. For most people it aint gonna fit there but for me it does. I really like this gun and I wouldn't wanna have to trade it for a...
  7. Walther PPS M2 Garrett Kydex/leather lined holster!

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    This is a creme of the crop, top tier, AIWB Kydex "leather lined" Holster, made by Garrett Holsters. Garret makes some of the finest Kydex holsters available, and once you have a leather lined holster, you will never go back to plain kydex. This is a $110 holster in its present configuration, is...
  8. PPS M2 Modifications and Enhancements

    It’s been a while since I owned a handgun and earlier this year I got the bug again. I picked up a Creed, (10 round version, as I live in CT), and a PPS M2 LE. They are both FANTASTIC handguns, but the PPS is my every day carry and my absolute favorite handgun ever! Some of my friends have...
  9. Is there an armorer's manual available for the PPS M2?

    Hi, I just ordered a PPS M2 and I was wondering if there is an armorer's manual available for it. I saw a PDF of one for a P99, but I haven't found one for the PPS pistols. Thanks
  10. PPS M2 Magazine Belt Holster Recommendations

    Hey all, I recently purchased a PPS M2 LE and am incredibly happy with it. It's my first handgun so I'm now in the market for suitable holsters and other accessories. I wanted to check with you all to get your recommendations for an on belt (not in waistband) magazine holster that can best...
  11. PPS M2 RMR/Relfex Sights?

    New to the forum! I just purchased a PPS M2 and was wondering if anyone knows of any RMR, Red Dot, or Reflex Sights for this gun? As a side note, as far as I know, sights for the PPS Classic (original) and PPS M2 should be compatible. I just cant seem to find many options as far as sights go...
  12. APEX trigger for PPS M2

    Apex had this beauty in their booth at the NRA show. It's nice to see them making products for Walthers! https://tcodynamics.com/2016/05/21/walther-pps-m2-apex-trigger/
  13. PPS M 2 Deatailed strip

    Does anyone know of a video that demonstrates how to detail strip and reassemble a PPS M2?
  14. Initial Cleaning

    I ordered a PPS M2 on Saturday. I’ve had a PPQ M2 for while and am looking forward to hopefully as much enjoyment from the PPS. I have seen a couple posts about the PPS M2 (not many) where people state they did a very thorough cleaning of sorts to remove the “film” or “gunk” that Walther coats...