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  1. PPS
    Hey all, I recently purchased a PPS M2 LE and am incredibly happy with it. It's my first handgun so I'm now in the market for suitable holsters and other accessories. I wanted to check with you all to get your recommendations for an on belt (not in waistband) magazine holster that can best...
  2. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Title says it all. ***Price update Not fond of the longer mag. I would prefer to trade for a 6 or 7 rounder, but will sell for $30 shipped.
  3. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    WTT: PPS magazine - 7 rounder for 6 or 8 rounder So I finally got my PPS.:) I have two 7 round magazines but I would like to get the 6 and 8 round ones too. I thought I would trade a new 7 round mag for either a 6 or 8. Mine 7 round mag is brand new and comes in it's box. Let me know if you...
  4. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Hey, Just bought a new PPS! I am interested in trading the two mags that came with the gun for two 6 round (flat bottom) mags. These are for a 9mm. If anyone is interested PM me. Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results