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  1. WTS (CO): Walther PPQ M2 5" w/ Slides Cuts 9mm

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Selling my Walther PPQ M2 5" 9mm pistol with slide lightening cuts. It has NEVER been fired outside of the factory. Nope, not once by me (original owner) or anyone else. It's never seen the outside, not even for a minute. Only my basement and safe. It can make a fantastic USPSA Production...
  2. WTS Vigilance Tactical Holster RH for PPQm2

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    WTS Holster / Mag pouch, carbon fiber pattern, RH PPQ is gone so holster has to go. Vigiliance Tactical RH holster for PPQ m2 and matching mag pouch. Both are black carbon fiber in color, holster has front speed cut and uses a blackhawk belt attachment. Very heavy duty and well made. Obviously...
  3. PPQ M2 Navy (non) Suppressor Springs

    Recently, I saw the ad for a threaded barrel kit for PPQ M2's offered by Walther. It comes with a spring. Apparently, Walther now realizes that different springs are needed depending upon whether the firearm is used with a suppressor. I wrote to Walther telling them that I received no extra...
  4. Help With Install of Dawson Rear Fiber Optic Sight on PPQ M2

    Hey there, I am going to install a Dawson Rear Charger FO on my PPQ M2 5". I will picking up the PPQ and the sights tomorrow so I don't have either in front of me and just wanted to know what happens to the plunger on the rear of the slide that holds the factory rear sight. I know the DP sight...
  5. M2 vanity magazines

    I was bouncing around online about a month ago, and had seen something about a 30 or 32 round mag (mag research?) that would fit the PPQ M2 9mm, but when I got to looking again to order one tonight, I couldn't find the page I saw that info on. This is purely for vanity purposes and goofing...