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  1. PPQ
    Anyone ever use the Swampfox Sentinel micro red dot? I have used a Shield for awhile now, but I guess I'm too aggressive with the delicate plastic thing. I have broken 3 of them now. SF Sentinel is pretty decently priced, 7075 aluminum, with auto on/off, and auto-brightness.
  2. PPQ
    Yeah... and was my fault.
  3. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Selling 5 of my PPQ M2 15 rd mags, all are lightly used but in great shape, all function perfectly. Feel free to message me for more info or email me at [email protected] -PRICE DROP- $100 Shipped for all 5
  4. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have a very difficult to obtain DPM Spring for a Walther PPQ Q5 STEEL FRAME! New in box, purchased directly from manufacture in Greece (you cannot obtain these in the USA). These are appx. $138.00 + shipping, so it will cost you well over $160.00. I will sell this spring for $115.00 firm. (I...
  5. Want To Buy
    Looking for a PPQ M2 threaded barrel. Don’t need the “kit” but if that’s all you have I’ll take it.
  6. PPQ
    When dryfiring, the only downside I found is the reset after trigger pull. I fired a Taurus G2C doing laser drills and really liked the ability to fire consecutive shots without racking the slide... Switched to my PPQ, and I was only able to fire one shot, then needed to rack to fire. I know...
  7. PPQ
    After shooting approx 400 rds into my new-ish Q5 Match (poly) I was curious to run some ZGI 124 gr NATO I picked up several months back. I would consider myself an intermediate-level shooter; tens of thousands of rds shot with good-to-excellent accuracy, however, I'm probably still a beginner...
  8. PPQ
    I live in a state where you can only have 10 round magazine, is there a a 10 round magazine option for the PPQ Q4 SF?
  9. PPQ
    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd ask if it is normal to not receive a test paper (i.e. target w/ shooter listed) with a new Walther PPQ M2 9MM pistol? Just received mine today and it did not come with any test papers at all. Also, doing my initial field strip and cleaning of the gun, I noticed...
  10. PPQ
    Hi all, Can anyone confirm that my Taran Tactical +5 base pads will work w/ an overdrive magwell from Taylor Freelance? (Links to products) To be clear, I have the extended base pads now, want to order a magwell, but not if it won’t fit. If no one knows, I’ll have to buy more base pads (for...
  11. PPQ
    Hello everyone one. I am currently in the market for an appendix carry inner waist band holster for my new PPQ m2 Navy (threaded barrel). I would really love to find a holster that is a sidecar style (doesnt have to be) and supports a weapon light( the support of a light is a must)as well. I...
  12. PPQ
    Hey y'all. Who loves holster threads?! I've been spinning my wheels on buying a new holster for months. I need OWB training/tactical carry for my PPQ M2 with a TLR-7 weapon light. Obviously there are hundreds of custom kydex companies and choosing one is not the issue. The issue is that I need...
  13. PPQ
    I'm new to handguns and I recently purchased a PPQ M2 5". Is there ever a time that I should oil the trigger or trigger assembly?
  14. PPQ
    I just purchased my first pistol (PPQ M2 5")... My question is, what is that red plastic part that came in the case, and what is it for?
  15. PPQ
    Well, I finally killed my PPQ I bought back in 2011. Slide cracked on the left side at the back of the ejection port. I guess that's the weakest point. I've probably put well over 30k rounds through it. I guess I can't be too upset.
  16. Walther General Discussions
    I've been looking high and low for a extended mag for my PPQ M2 haven't had no luck please help.. I love this gun but attachments are hard to find as well. Please help me locate a 30 round magazine or close maybe even a drum.
  17. PPQ
    Anybody carry the PPQ M2 in OWB holster in the summer. Looking for something comfortable enough to wear all day at the office, bust is fairly concealable. I'm 6'1 around 300 lbs. I'd appreciate all the help anyone can offer. Thanks in advance everyone.
  18. PPQ
    Have any of you ever wonder how amazing a Q5 SF would be in 10mm? Personally I think it'll crush the 2011 boys and the Glock 40 market. I'm having a wet dream just thinking about it! Any news of 10mm development and/or to give notice to the Walther Head Hanchos about the fast growing 10mm...
  19. PPQ
    I checked but couldn't find any specific recommendations on this. Any PPQ M2 5-inch 9mm owners out there? What holster recommendations (make and model) do you have that you liked...ESPECIALLY if you found one that can accommodate a Streamlight Taclight. I've gone through the various PPQ...
  20. PPQ
    Any suggestions on a good (larger) PPQ replacement front sight only, that will shoot to point of aim if used with factory rear sight. Thanks