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  1. Unintentional Magazine Release

    I just got my PPQ M2 yesterday, took it out to the range today, put 200 rounds through it, and I love (almost) everything about it. My one concern is with the new button magazine release. About halfway through the third magazine, the weapon failed to feed. I discovered the reason was that the...
  2. 10 Round Mag

    Where can I find/purchase a 10 round magazine for both PPQ Classic and M2? I found this site just now! I'm going to try and see if it's okay. Walther PPQ 9mm 15 round to 10 round Mag Conversion Kit - Two Pack - EBR Works
  3. WTT: Walther factory p99/ppq 15 rd for 2 MR

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have a new in package Walther factory P99/PPQ mag (newer style WAF65004) that I would trade for 2 Magnum research mags model MAGFA915. NOT FOR SALE, trade only.
  4. PPQ promag - change out spring to factory?

    So I picked up a promag on the cheap for my PPQ 9mm and shouldn't be surprised, it's a piece of junk. 3 shots and then a FTF, cleared it, 2 more shots and another FTF. I through it back in my range bag, but before I toss it for good, I was wondering if you can put a factory spring in a promag...