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  1. Hello all

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    I’m joining these forms to learn more and ask questions, my first question is this normal on a new walther ppq m2 after 1,400 rounds? Has me concerned I can’t figure out how to add pictures but I uploaded them to my profile
  2. Brand new Ppq m2 from iammo

    Just bought my first handgun from the internet "iammo.com" and my first ppq. After I paid to do the ffl transfer I checked out the gun and saw it looked beat up. Called Iammo and they said I have to ship it back on my dime and I'll be charged a 25 percent restocking fee. I then asked him for a...
  3. Holster

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    I have a (Walther PPQ M2 5") and I am looking for a good owb holster for it. The holster must have either a thumb break or thumbdrive or button flap or Auto Lock. The holster must be able to be secured to a belt.
  4. Auto Forward of Slide - Unintentional

    PPQ newbie – 405 rounds through my new (Feb 2016) PPQ M2, 9mm, 4bbl. Bought two 17-round mags and have had an interesting observation when inserting the mags with the slide locked back. The slide stays locked back when I insert a 15-round mag, and then I use the slide release lever (which I...
  5. PPQ - So good, even an 11-year old girl can do it!

    I took my youngest daughter to the range today, and I wanted to show off her PPQ shooting skills. Even though she has been shooting various .22 rifles since she was 5-years old, this is the first time that I was able to interest her in shooting a larger caliber handgun. She has been asking about...
  6. PPQ M2 Failure to Fire issues w/supressor

    PPQ M2 Failure to Feed issues w/supressor Wondering if anybody else has experienced this problem with a PPQ M2 Navy SD. Trying to be concise. Tried out new Osprey 9mm suppressor from Silencerco on my PPQ. First shot, perfect. Next round did not feed properly. Racked slide and fired shot, next...
  7. One bullet loose in the magazine

    I have a PPQ M2 (9mm, 15-rd magazines), and noticed a weird phenomenon with both magazines. When loaded with 14 rounds, round #7 seems loose - I can visibly see it moving back and forth in the magazine box. If loaded with one less or one more round, and this issue seems to disappear. I have not...
  8. FINALLY got to put rounds through the barrel!

    I've fired rifles, carbines, and machine guns before (Army). But never had a chance to do my pistol qualification while in the service - in my field, officers were the only ones that were deemed "cool enough" to carry a sidearm. But today, I took the NRA Basic Pistol Course and CCW course at a...
  9. I am thinking of getting a PPQ M2

    I am a new member. I have a 9mm Walther P99 for a number of years. How about the PPQ M2? I like the looks of it - what is the thinking about its performance and downsides?
  10. 9mm PPQ M2 with Suppressor?

    I am new to this forum and must say there is an impressive amount of information. This raises hopes for help with my problem. To start off, I'm new to pistol ownership and fairly new to even shooting them until I purchased this one in February of this year. Let me just say, I love this gun! I...
  11. M2 fired out of breech

    Hello everyone, I'm new to firearms, so bear with me a bit :-) The picture attached is the remnants of a round not fully entering the breech before firing. Well at least that's what I figure happened. I purchased a PPQ M1 a while ago. After 6-700 rounds I noticed a piece cracked and pushed...
  12. M2 9mm mags IN STOCK

    I just purshaed 2x 9mm 15+2rd mags for my PPQ M2. I looked all over, read all the comenst from people on the net and mags are indeed hard to fined. There are some 15rd out there right now but there $45+. Anyways, just joined and posted this to help anyone who wants mags. So today (10/4/13)...
  13. M2 with laserlight Holster?

    Hey, I'm really new to the site, and I have looked around as much as I can without seeing the answer to my question. I recently got a PPQ M2 and I was going to get either a Viridian CL5 or Streamlight TLR 4 laser/light for it, though I would need a holster to accommodate those. Are there...
  14. 10 Round Mag

    Where can I find/purchase a 10 round magazine for both PPQ Classic and M2? I found this site just now! I'm going to try and see if it's okay. Walther PPQ 9mm 15 round to 10 round Mag Conversion Kit - Two Pack - EBR Works