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  1. PPQ
    Where can I find a threaded barrel for walther ppq 4 " M2 and Q5 Match (polymer)? The Walther site doesn't have them and neither does Jarvis.
  2. FAQ: PPQ
    I am interested in buying a Walther PPQ M1 Classic with a threaded barrel. What do other ppl use as far as silencers and/or suppressors. I have been reading reviews but as is most of the time, I find there is more information out there on the 'Net than I can use. I am going to leave this wide...
  3. Want To Buy
    Looking for a PPQ M2 threaded barrel. Don’t need the “kit” but if that’s all you have I’ll take it.
  4. PPQ
    I'm excited about my new Q4... And wondering who else has one? Also, Can the Forum Moderators create a Thread 'dedicated' To the Q4 TAC ? Side note, I'm on wait-list with my local gun shop to receive the new, SilencerCo Omega 36M. MY PLANS ARE TO 24/7: -Install a RMR/ RED DOT SIGHT -...
  5. PPQ
    I have a PPQ M2 4". I am interested in adding a threaded barrel and have been told I would have to replace the slide as well presumably converting it into the Navy version. This seems excessive. Has anyone had experience with adding a threaded barrel to the m2? Thanks.
1-5 of 5 Results