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ppq classic

  1. WTS PPQ Paddle Mag Release Handgun

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    Selling for $1000 with Crimson Trace green laser included. Shipping via UPS only. Payment through discreet PayPal. FFL info needed and will be checked. New price set at $875. Make an offer by posting here. I will PM the best offer I can get from or for inquiries, email me at...
  2. WTS Walther PPQ Classic 9mm, PPQ Holsters, PPQ Night Sights

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    1. Walther PPQ Classic 9mm Sold Pending Funds $650 Shipped, USPS MO or check with time to clear. FFL must accept shipment from an individual or add actual cost to ship from an FFL. Left side of the slid shows a slight discoloration in the finish between Walther and PPQ, this was from the...
  3. 10 Round Mag

    Where can I find/purchase a 10 round magazine for both PPQ Classic and M2? I found this site just now! I'm going to try and see if it's okay. Walther PPQ 9mm 15 round to 10 round Mag Conversion Kit - Two Pack - EBR Works