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  1. PPQ
    Hello! I am new to the forum I have been searching for a month on how to aquire a PPQ before the SSE exemption is up in California... I was just wondering if anyone knew any dealers that are located within Los Angeles (or not to far from it) that would order a PPQ. Also the best with customer...
  2. PPQ
    I am strongly considering picking up the new for 2014 full size PPQ .22 over a P22 along with a 9mm PPQ (Classic or M2). Does anyone have a idea on the price? If the price is right it would make sense to pick the PPQ .22 over a P22Q or a PPK .22 lr. Too bad from the pics in the 2014 catalog it...
  3. Walther General Discussions
    Deep inside the search results of google, looking for the best possible price for the PPQ M2 ($529 + $8 shipping), I found this. Obviously I'm not supposed to have access to it, but it's now in the public domain of information and as such not only offers a guide to potential buyers, but also a...
  4. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    1. Walther PPQ Classic 9mm Sold Pending Funds $650 Shipped, USPS MO or check with time to clear. FFL must accept shipment from an individual or add actual cost to ship from an FFL. Left side of the slid shows a slight discoloration in the finish between Walther and PPQ, this was from the...
  5. PPQ
    Where can I find/purchase a 10 round magazine for both PPQ Classic and M2? I found this site just now! I'm going to try and see if it's okay. Walther PPQ 9mm 15 round to 10 round Mag Conversion Kit - Two Pack - EBR Works
  6. PPQ
    I have a PPK, 99 and a PPS -- love them.... I recently found (3) three PPQ's for 549.99 at the local gun shop. Each come with two - 15 round mags. Am I getting too involved in the panic of limiting clips and such? Should I pick one up? Hog
1-6 of 6 Results