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  1. Hello from Sunny Mesa Arizona

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    Hi All, Just purchased my 9mm PPQ M1 last month and enjoying breaking it in. This is my first semi auto and I have a lot of learning to do. I've mostly been a long gun guy. Looking forward to gathering info from experienced Walther users.
  2. Rapid Fire FTF in Q9

    Howdy all **Before I get scolded for posting this - when I search on the term FTF within the PPQ forum, I get ZERO results (Obviously something is wrong b/c I see that term in many posts)** With that said, I have an M2 PPQ9 that I bought brand new about 2 months ago. I have put about...
  3. It was only a question time...

    I knew a new pistol would somehow follow me home when Walther announced the PPQ 45. This is my 3rd PPQ: PPQ M1 9mm PPQ M2 5" 9mm PPQ 45 A range report and comparison to my other Walther pistols, P99 and PPX, will follow.
  4. PPQ - reliable and accurate

    First time to the range with the PPQ that I bought on Saturday. I had one other gun with me as well, the Canik TP9 that had not been to the range yet. The Canik might be a good gun, but I did not like how it fit in my hand...just a bit too big. I don't know if it is a licensed clone of the P99...
  5. Ohio Member

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    I got very interested in the PPQ over the winter. I am selling my M&P to buy a PPQ 9mm. Does Walther sell just a 9mm threaded barrel ? I am still debating the M1 or M2 mag release.