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ppq .22lr

  1. PPQ .22 LR Small Parts - Where to buy?

    I hope I am getting this thread in the right place... I am going nuts. Unfortunately I had to disassemble my PPQ Target .22LR and the sear spring (part 14 in the exploded parts diagram) has gone missing. I tried calling and emailing the Walther general customer service number and got no...
  2. PPQ.22lr First Time Out

    I bought a PPQ.22lr as a starter handgun for the folks that go with me to the range and have never shot. It's a nice looking gun and definitely feels like my PPQ.45 in almost all aspects. However, I was cleaning it before I went out to the range and while I was using my nylon brush, I noticed...
  3. PPQ M2 5" .22 accessories

    Hi all, Looking to get a PPQ M2 5" .22. Live in a nordic country where gun laws stipulate .22 as first gun. So PPQ .22 it is. What holsters can one buy? Same as PPQ M2 9mm? Where can one get magazine holsters? Thanks for a great forum!
  4. PPQ .22LR adjustable rear sight with fully screw/click adjustable (windage+elevation)

    Hello I'm a UK target shooter looking for a fully screw/click adjustable (windage and elevation) rear sight for a PPQ in .22LR . I'm really struggling for options, particularly as there is such a small market in the UK and so the product I'm looking for will probably be found in north...
  5. PPQ TAC .22LR barrel jacket won't come off

    I've shot and cleaned my pistol several times without any issues removing the barrel jacket to clean it. But, after shooting it this weekend, the barrel jacket won't come off and it is stuck in a position that allows for about 5mm of forward/aft play in the barrel. The silencer adapter has...
  6. PPQ 22LR - yeah this isn't good...

    While decocking my PPQ 22LR using the offical way described in the manual (i.e., dry firing), this important piece broke off that sits right in front the hammer. I'm sure that functional part has a name... My PPQ 22LR is 54 weeks old and looking at the Walther warranty for this pistol, they...
  7. Threads on PPQ-22LR Tactical

    Guys, I bought a PPQ-22 Tactical and put on my Element II suppressor. It went on fine and worked great, but after a took it off, I noticed the threads were a little shiny....like the threads weren't quite right. The suppressor has a 1/2 x 28 standard thread. Since it went on the PPQ so...
  8. Thread Adapter for PPQ M2 22LR 5"

    Being new to the forum I didn't know if starting a new question was best or dropping in a question on an existing PPQ 22lr thread. I opted for the new question. Being a very happy owner of a PPQ M1 9mm I'll soon be putting in a order for a PPQ M2 22lr. I plan to get the 5" version because I...
  9. Full size PPQ .22 & classic for 2014

    I am strongly considering picking up the new for 2014 full size PPQ .22 over a P22 along with a 9mm PPQ (Classic or M2). Does anyone have a idea on the price? If the price is right it would make sense to pick the PPQ .22 over a P22Q or a PPK .22 lr. Too bad from the pics in the 2014 catalog it...