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  1. Walther PPQ .22 - Disassebmly Diagram

    Walther Rimfire & CO2 Pistols
    Anyone have a diagram to fully disassemble and reassemble Walther PPQ .22?
  2. PPQ.22lr First Time Out

    I bought a PPQ.22lr as a starter handgun for the folks that go with me to the range and have never shot. It's a nice looking gun and definitely feels like my PPQ.45 in almost all aspects. However, I was cleaning it before I went out to the range and while I was using my nylon brush, I noticed...
  3. PPQ TAC .22LR barrel jacket won't come off

    I've shot and cleaned my pistol several times without any issues removing the barrel jacket to clean it. But, after shooting it this weekend, the barrel jacket won't come off and it is stuck in a position that allows for about 5mm of forward/aft play in the barrel. The silencer adapter has...
  4. PPQ .22 red dot mount

    if anyone is looking for an easy way to mount an rmr on your ppq 22 the trijicon rm45 for smith & Wesson works perfect. Took a chance and ordered one for mine . fits like it was made for it.