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ppk/s .22

  1. PPK/S rear sight screw stuck

    PP and TP Series
    As the title suggests, I believe my rear sight screw on my PPK/S is stuck. Its a headless screw and I’ve used both the hex wrench provided with the gun and my own set and nothing seems to turn it. Should I continue to mess with it? Should I use oil to loosen it up, or should I just play it safe...
  2. PPK/S 22 deail strip

    Walther Rimfire & CO2 Pistols
    I'm looking for instructions on performing a detail strip for the Walther PPK/S 22. Found lots for PPK, but not the 22 caliber PPK/S. Thanks much
  3. New PPK/S .22 - Just what you said it would be

    PPK/S .22LR, New Production by Umarex, 2013+
    Just purchased a PPK/S .22. Thought it would make a great little brother for my Gen 1 PPS. Got it to the range and had a good experience. I had the same results as many of you. The DA pull is ridiculously horrendous. I plan to treat it as a SA only gun. I had to take a rest break and then add...
  4. Jammed ppk/s slide

    PP and TP Series
    Hey folks, Went to do a regular cleaning on my ppk/s .22 and when I went to field stip it as I have always done the darned slide would not lift from the frame. It feels seriously stuck however slides freely as it should horizontally. The thing just won't lift. I have done it just fine a hundred...