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  1. PP and TP Series
    Hello everyone, I know there has been much ink spilled over "polishing the feed ramp" of an Interarms .380 PPK; however, I want to ask if anyone knows if it is possible to undo this massacre of a job on a PPK/S I recently received as a gift. Chambering the first round is always a chore with...
  2. Walther General Discussions
    Hello, I have got a Walther PPKS Interarms, but the gun doesn’t work very well because of some issues... first of all the barrel doesn’t stay blocked, open when I finish the bullets. I suspect that I should change the Ejector. The main problem is about the trigger ( or the hammer, I don’t know...
  3. PP and TP Series
    I just came into possession of a Post-war Walther PPKS. Hoping you all could confirm what I've put together (below) and possibly assist with additional info on its value, history, likely use. Here's what I think I have so far: Model: PPKS Serial: 162588 Caliber: 9mm Kurz/.380ACP Manufactured...
  4. FYI - Good Deals
    Shame there is a reserve. Nice looking pistol though. Saw one on gun broker a couple days ago but it was not unfired. https://www.gunsamerica.com/985781545/1-of-500-Walther-PPK-S-380-Talo-Royal-Oak-Factory-NIB-PPKS-RARE-Rosewood-Walnut-Grips.htm
  5. PP and TP Series
    I'm looking for any recommendations on a good AIWB holster for my PPK/S. I've done some research and found a few but i'm curious of any and all opinions and experiences with good (or bad) holsters. Thanks!
  6. PP and TP Series
    Hey all, I'm looking to buy an AIWB holster for my PPKS. I recently ordered a cheap one from tactical measure and I was not impressed bt any means. I obviously should have spent a little more money. You get what you pay for, I know I know. I was researching some different brands and options...
  7. PP and TP Series
    I bought a Manurhin PPK/S at the gun show yesterday for $370. It's in excellent condition. I did a little write-up on it here. Here are the markings: Slide - left side: MANURHIN - LICENSE WALTHER Model PPK/S Cal. .380 ACP/9mm Kurz Made in France Slide - right side: MANURHIN INTERNATIONAL...
  8. PP and TP Series
    Hello, I'm new to the forum, I picked up a 32 this weekend, it's in good shape, just a little wear (a little of the bluing Rubbed of at the end of the barrel). I ran about 50 pmc thru it and had quite a few FTF's (6-10%) when it did feed I was really surprised at the accuracy! It came with 1...
  9. PP and TP Series
    What do we know about Walther picking up manufacturing of the PPK/PPK/S in the US? It appears S&W is completely done now. I remember seeing a Facebook post about it from Walther recently but haven't seen any more info. Anyone know more? Time frames? They'll likely continue the S&W version...
  10. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have 3 holsters I would like to sell : They fit my PPK/S. galco pro 204 galco scout 204 bianchi#7 shadow.380 auto R hand all are in like new condition , showing almost no wear... If you buy all 3, you will have iwb, pocket, and strong side owb .... 90.00 for all 3 David
  11. PP and TP Series
    Hello all, New to the forums as I would like users to sound off about their experience with the above firearms. I am currently boarding the train that is the Smith and Wesson PPK (.380), but not sure which to get. I will be buying this gun new. Needless to say I am into the James Bond gig, and...
  12. Want To Buy
    Looking to see if anyone has a German Manuel and warranty for A German made PPKS. Please let me know if you can help.
  13. PP and TP Series
    Unusual PPK/S I saw at the office A friend of mine at the office whipped out one of his carry guns that he bought new in the late 90's early 2000's. It was a 32 ACP PPK/S, Stainless version No extended beaver tail No markings on it, when I say markings I mean Smith and Wesson or Interarms I've...
  14. PP and TP Series
    I just got my first walther. its a ppks-1. what is this -1 all about. it came in a wood box is made by s&w (i do know about the s&w recall and haters) and is engraved all over. ill post pic as soon as a can. any info would be awesome. also, the number is xxxxbas and it looks to me that it is...
  15. PP and TP Series
    I have an Interarms PPK/S .380, blued and in good shape it has a stamp that looks like this. /\/ I know very little this pistol, if anyone can tell me anything about this pistol please let me know. Thanks
1-15 of 15 Results