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  1. PPK/S rear sight screw stuck

    PP and TP Series
    As the title suggests, I believe my rear sight screw on my PPK/S is stuck. Its a headless screw and I’ve used both the hex wrench provided with the gun and my own set and nothing seems to turn it. Should I continue to mess with it? Should I use oil to loosen it up, or should I just play it safe...
  2. PPK/S Funny Noise

    PP and TP Series
    I have a post-recall Smith and Wesson PPK/S. I've noticed when dry firing in double action (with a snap cap) that there's a strange springy twang after the hammer falls. I tried this with an empty chamber, and it did the same thing. In single action, there is very little twang. Has anyone else...
  3. Trying to identify a set of Walther grips.

    Walther General Discussions
    I bought these grips at a flea market recently and the package was marked Pre WWII PP grips. Just trying to verify if that is correct.
  4. Hello everyone, my second Walther, First PPK model (PPK/S .380, AR, USA) Stag grips

    PP and TP Series
    Hope everyone is doing well. This is my first post on the forum, I am going to post in the new member forum next, but I wanted post here first with pics, and then link this post over there. I just purchased this PPK/S (Fort Smith, AR variant) chambered in .380ACP, around two weeks ago. It is my...
  5. Why James Bond Doesn't Use A Walther PPK In Some Movies

    Walther General Discussions
    Hope this is the appropriate sub forum for such a posting...I know in my case I only considered buying a Walther, both because of the Bond connection AND Walther’s history AND Walther’s build quality. https://screenrant.com/james-bond-movies-no-walther-ppk-gun-reason/
  6. help with dating and any info on a PPK

    PP and TP Series
    Hello All, I've been scouring the internet for hours looking for information on a Walther PPK 7.65 we are selling for an estate. Attached are photos and any help would be well appreciated by myself and the family estate we are working with. Thanks, Dave
  7. Info About This PPK?

    PP and TP Series
    A friend of mine is thinking of buying this PPK. He wants to replace the one that his Dad brought back in WW2 and was lost years ago. Can anyone tell me if anything about this PPK? Thanks
  8. Happy New Year to Me.

    PP and TP Series
    I happily purchased a new Ft. Smith stainless PPK today from my local gun store. I even got the one in the back, still in the shipping bag. Finally, a new Walther that only says Walther on it. It's a tight little machine. I need to go exercise it.:D
  9. Walther PPKS 162588 Need info

    PP and TP Series
    I just came into possession of a Post-war Walther PPKS. Hoping you all could confirm what I've put together (below) and possibly assist with additional info on its value, history, likely use. Here's what I think I have so far: Model: PPKS Serial: 162588 Caliber: 9mm Kurz/.380ACP Manufactured...
  10. Interarms ranger PPK slide stop?? mfg 5/94

    PP and TP Series
    I just got an Interarms ranger PPK mfg 5/94. Went shooting today. The gun fires fine but when it fires the last round, the slide does not stop and remain open. It just closes with a cocked hammer. As I am new to a PPK, is this proper? Is there no slide stop on the last fired round to keep the...
  11. Finally, my PPK

    New Member Welcome Center
    I've been looking for awhile now for a nice PPK. Found it today for $500 at the Ft. Myers gun show. Nice Stainless Steel PPK (not PPK/s), 380, Interarms. Searching now for more info on the gun such as approximate mfg date (A075XXX). It appears somewhere between 1990-1995 based on some searches...
  12. Pre-war 1936 PPK Allemagne pictures

    PP and TP Series
    First off, this is not my gun, it belongs to the LGS my wife works at, and while it will eventually go on Gun Broker, this is not a value question. I am going to go photograph this gun sometime this weekend. I have read up on the history a little bit, but I can't hardly find any pictures of...
  13. Pre-war PPK PDM - Looking for history

    PP and TP Series
    Hi. New to the forms and it looks like there’s a wealth of info on here. I’m looking for any resources to track the history of a PPK that I just inherited. It is a PPK with the “crown over N” proof. It also had markings on the left side PDM 275. It has no eject button for the magazine. The...
  14. PPK 9mm kurz help

    PP and TP Series
    Hello all! I am seeking help from some PPK experts in this forum. I have had this PPK for a while. I believe it to be a 1968. Any information you can help with would be appreciated. I would also like opinions on prices. Thank you for your time.
  15. PPK .32 hammer follow problem

    PP and TP Series
    Hi, I have read several posts on this seemingly fairly common problem, but I just can't pinpoint my problem. When firing, the hammer occasionally falls, and it engages the DA lever, so it doesn't fall all the way down. But I have to recock it. New round chambers like it should. This applies to...
  16. SS INterarms .32 PPK. Is It Worth It?

    PP and TP Series
    Located a SS Interarms PPK in 32 with box , and papers, light scratches on barrel (look like from normal use) and red on safety is gone. Asking price is $1250. What say you all, is it worth it? Too much , is it a steal, just about right? Still hunting for one of these bad maama jamas as a pre...

    Want To Buy
    Hey all, New to forum. Looking to buy Interarms SS PPK 32. All conditions / with or without box n papers etc considered. Post or feel free to PM. Thanks!
  18. PPK Lanyard loop dimensions

    PP and TP Series
    Guys, I’m looking to make my own lanyard for my PPK and need the dimensions of the lanyard loop hole. Unfortunately my PPK is not in front of me and wont be for a few weeks so I cant measure it myself. Anyone able to either measure the size of the hole or point me to a resource that has the...
  19. Interarms PPK 20# Spring Reliability

    PP and TP Series
    My '92/93 Interarms .380 PPK is about to hit 5000 rounds (in my hands), and I've had a few issues most likely related to a weakened recoil spring (mostly failure to return to battery). So, I need a replacement, and wondered how much success others have had with the 20# Wolff spring. My...
  20. Rationalizing Rust

    PP and TP Series
    First off- hello everyone- long time lurker first time poster: Second: my local has an Interarms PPk .380 (US made) for $380 BUT the slide has patches of rust and pitting from where the previous owner carried it. The area of pitting is more than an inch long mostly near the front. The bore and...