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  1. PPK/S rear sight screw stuck

    PP and TP Series
    As the title suggests, I believe my rear sight screw on my PPK/S is stuck. Its a headless screw and I’ve used both the hex wrench provided with the gun and my own set and nothing seems to turn it. Should I continue to mess with it? Should I use oil to loosen it up, or should I just play it safe...
  2. Help with IA PPK and rear sight

    PP and TP Series
    Hi, am new to the forum and the lucky new owner of a IA Walther PPK. It used to be my dads!!! The thing is it seems that somehow the rear sight felt off and i was wondering where can i find a stock rear sight and/or an aftermarket one. Thanks in advance. Heres a couple of pictures SpeedXP
  3. Maintenance of Walther PPK

    PP and TP Series
    I have in my possession a 7.56 Walther PPK that was liberated after WWII and transported home in original lubricant, waxed paper and box. This pistol has never been fired and has two magazines. It has markings that look like a eagle over a small circle around an x with a C mark next to it. The...