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  1. PP and TP Series
    Hello again, Walther crew! Here's a question that may or may not have been asked lately: Are the magazine springs in a .32acp interchangeable with a .380 magazine? I know there is a 1-round count difference between calibers, which makes me all the more curious. Yes, I always seem to come up...
  2. PP and TP Series
    Hello Everyone, I recently came across an Interarms Walther PPK at a local shop that I was interested in and we (myself and the shop owner) could not figure out when it was made. Its a consignment firearm that is a s plated or polished nickel, but Im not really sure. The serial number has an A...
  3. PP and TP Series
    Looking for Walter ppk, decocker/ejector replacement in KC area
  4. Want To Buy
    Here is my posting on Armslist: www.armslist.com/posts/5655484/seattle-washington-handguns-want-to-buy--older-blued-walther-ppk--380 "Looking to buy a Walther PPK. - Blued - .380 ACP - Not S&W (older the better) - Not PPK/S - Good condition/good shooter Let me know what you have and where...
  5. PP and TP Series
    Just got my an interarms 380 ppk, was super excited about this gun being part of my collection was out shooting it with friends and about on the sixth clip the hammer locked back and will not release whether the trigger is pulled or the safety is flipped on. I field striped the weapon and I...
1-5 of 5 Results