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  1. P22
    Hi im puraching my first walther firearm today.. or atleast i would like to.. im looking to buy the walther p22 .22lr 5" because its a beautiful looking gun and i love to plink and i hear good things. My only issue it trying to find the best price. my dealer chargers i belive $65 usd and $15nix...
  2. P22
    I own PPQ 9mm and loving it. Ammo is most affordable between "serious" calibers, but each trip to the range cost me $50+ (4 boxes of 50rounds $12.50 each). This is my solution: Just picked up a P22 for $330 from GunShow. A box 0f 555 rounds cost $20. Still want to shoot my PPQ but 85% of...
1-2 of 2 Results