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  1. PK380
    Slide Lock Lever Not Activating I bought a PK380 and my slide is not staying locked back like every other PK380 I find a video of on the Internet. I searched on here but can't seem to locate an answer or clarification. Are there 2 types of magazines. Those that engage the slide lock lever...
  2. PK380
    Woman in need of conceal carry option for the PK380 I have had my Conceal Carry for a few years, but I have yet to actually carry. Mostely because the options for women are terrible! But now I am a new gun owner. For my birthday this year I got a beautiful PK380. The fire has sparked under...
  3. PK380
    Test out new PK380 (manufactured late July 2012) today at the range. It performed perfectly. No FTE, no jams, no sticks, no problem with magazine eject, no problem loading any rounds. I used Winchester white box 95 grain target ammunition. Pretty accurate and easy to handle. It is on recall...
  4. PK380
    Hi, I am new to this forum. I purchased a PK380 largely because of its ease of operation for my wife who had difficulty manipulating the slide on anything larger than a Browning Buckmark. I have been experiencing accuracy problems recently which I think are ammo related. I do have two questions...
  5. PK380
    i own a walther pk380 and i was wondering if i bought a new slide, barrel and clip for a p22 would it fit on the frame of my pk380. i know they are similar but not sure how so. just would like it for cheaper target practice
  6. PK380
    Shot the pk380 today at the range as a rental (for my wife) and I was not very accurate at all with it! Not sure if it's because the barrel length is so much shorter than my PPQ (4 in.) and XDM (4.5 in.) which could cause me to be less accurate. I even pulled the target in within 6 ft just to...
  7. PK380
    My wife just got her carry permit so I wanted to purchase a pink PK380 for her but could not find one anywhere. So I decide to Duracoat one for her. I just finished it and this is the result.
  8. PK380
    I picked up my PK in December 2010. I intended to use it for a daily CC, but after being unimpressed with the current generic holsters on the market I started to look for other options. I contacted Kramer Leather and had a mold of my weapon and custom holster made. The model I chose was “IWB...
21-28 of 28 Results