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  1. PDP
    Hey all…obviously having trouble finding any magazines for my compact 4” and full size 4.5” PDP in 9mm. Has anyone seen any stock anywhere or have verified an alternate brand mag that will work for either? Ordered a few of the Canik tp9 mags for the full size as I have heard they may work, but...
  2. Walther General Discussions
    Just wanted to see what people thought? I have the Walther PPQ M2 45 TB, and it's an amazing pistol. I want a second 45ACP, but nothing appeals right now except the Glock 30 GEN 4. It is much thicker than the Walther and the trigger not so hot. Plus, the magazine extension can pinch your...
  3. PDP
    Dear folks, Just a reminder: I'm a brand new gun owner, though I have taken training courses in the past. So I'm just starting out with all this. I'm researching the use of snap caps and/or dummy rounds to use in a dry-fire regimen and to practice tapping-and-racking in live-fire. I have...
  4. PDP
    I got an availability alert on these. Here's the link: Walther PDP / PPQ M2 Magazine 15rd 9mm I'm new at all this, but these appear to be genuine Walther 15-rd magazines for the PDP in 9mm. At least, I hope so because I just ordered two.
  5. PDP
    I have a ppq sc and when I heard a rumor that walther isn’t going to make the ppq sc anymore (I could’ve heard false claims tho) I kinda don’t wanna carry it anymore and try to keep it new. Anyhow I’d love an optic ready pdp sc come out kinda soon mainly.
  6. PDP
    so I finally bought my first red dot for my new PDP, and redeemed my free mounting plate to go with it. In anticipation, I attempted to remove the "placeholder" plate that is on the PDP out of the box, and one of the screws just doesn't want to come out. I've been trying for days and the thing...
  7. Site Help and Suggestions
    I just lucked out and found a local dealer that had both the compact and full size versions of the PDP. I wound up getting the full size. I also purchased a Holosun 509T, and was super excited to get this on the PDP, and out the range. I was already aware that I would have to order the red dot...
1-7 of 7 Results