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  1. PDP
    I had the opportunity to take a 5" PDP Full-Size to the range. The last 5" gun I owned was a Springfield 1911, but I traded that in for a PPQ. The 5" PDP did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the longer slide on this pistol. I also like the extra energy from a longer barrel. I only put 100...
  2. PDP
    I'd appreciate anyone's input on Walther's PDPks lateral slide to frame rails spec. I have a new (FDD S?N) and measure rear guide rail clearance at .010" and rear guide rail clearance at .020". This results in a loose slide to frame fit at the slide muzzle. Comparitively, my Glock 19 front and...
  3. PDP
    Hey all…obviously having trouble finding any magazines for my compact 4” and full size 4.5” PDP in 9mm. Has anyone seen any stock anywhere or have verified an alternate brand mag that will work for either? Ordered a few of the Canik tp9 mags for the full size as I have heard they may work, but...
1-3 of 3 Results